PR Metrics: Selecting the measurement mix

PR Metrics: Selecting the measurement mix

There are a wide variety of metrics that can be adopted when it comes to measuring PR, the key is determining which of those metrics will provide meaningful insight. Too many metrics can be overwhelming and cause confusion, while too few will prove unhelpful.

Through our PR measurement feature – Reports – we enable you to select from a range of pre-configured metrics, as well as add your own bespoke metrics.

Here’s some useful tips to help you select which of these metrics to use in your measurement mix.

Quantitative Vs Qualitative

Quantitative metrics consist of numerical measurement to determine quantity, while the qualitative metrics help determine ‘quality’.

For effective PR measurement, it’s important to adopt a mixture of both quantitative and qualitative metrics.  For example, a quantitative metric can lend insight to article volume, but without the application of qualitative metrics, it is impossible to tell whether the tone of those articles was either positive, neutral or negative.

Seek actionable metrics

Ideally the metrics you opt to include should be identified in the planning stages of your campaign, these metrics should tie specific and repeatable actions to observed results.  For example, if you’re raising awareness for an event, the actionable outcome metrics might be ‘registrations’ and ‘attendance’. 

Build upon vanity metrics

Where it comes to PR measurement, vanity metrics do have a place and purpose, provided they’re used in moderation and delivered with context.  Oftentimes, vanity metrics are published without any further development, like ‘reach’.  Reach as a standalone metric is pretty pointless, especially if other qualitative aspects haven’t been taken into account e.g. the ‘relevance’ or ‘tone’. 

Create a PR metric funnel

To help you define the best metrics for your campaign, try adopting a PR metric funnel and align all the meaningful metrics that you wish to track.  For example:

PR Funnel

Think beyond ‘proving value’

Whilst the metrics you select for your measurement mix should provide management level executives insight into the success of your campaign, the process of measurement can also be adopted to help you achieve better results.   Ongoing insights will help you with the future plans for your campaign, enabling you to correct course and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses before it’s too late.


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