Creating sophisticated PR reports

Creating sophisticated PR reports

When we developed our Reports tool, it was more than simply a desire to save time, it was also about providing a means that enables PR practitioners to create more sophisticated reports and improve measurement.

There’s been much debate over measurement standards in the PR sector and many are calling for an end to the outdated metric AVEs.  AMEC put forwards their framework to help practitioners navigate a new measurement structure which applies emphasis on addressing the means of measurement prior to the campaign starting; aligning the objectives of the PR campaign with that of the business.

Data, speed, consistency

Presently a standard coverage book represents the campaign ‘Outputs’ and is often filled purely with ‘reach’ data.  It is far less common to find a report that places context on this data by presenting qualitative insights, and even less common to find data relating to the campaign ‘Out-takes’ and ‘Outcomes’.

This is what Ace Media Reports helps users achieve.

Using Ace Media’s Reports tool, PR practitioners can expect data, speed and consistency with an added optional level of human insight.

The speed and consistency come from the automated quantitative data we apply to both offline AND online content e.g. reach, engagement, links count, brand mentions, domain authority, etc. Some of which can be difficult to source.

Automated reach and engagement data for online and offline media provides speed and consistency

Clarity and context

What’s more, rather than purely delivering a host of numerical tallies, we developed a simple means that helps users provide clarity and context to their data.

Ace Media’s Reports encourages practitioners to think in terms of context-giving insights, such as tone and relevance.

Our sophisticated software then automatically interprets and illustrates these data insights in a digestible format through a unique ‘Analysis’ page. These automated charts and graphs help users discern and compare the metric data collected.

Automated charts and graphs provide clarity and bring context to metric data

The future proof interface means that Ace Media’s Reports can adapt to new methods of measurement through the application of bespoke metrics, allowing users to apply any metric data to their report. 

To see Ace Media in action and find out how much time you could be saving book an online demo with a member of our team!

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