Pitching with pictures: visual storytelling

Pitching with pictures: visual storytelling

Have you tried it yet… if not, what are you waiting for?

In this increasingly visual age, dominated by social channels such as Instagram and Pinterest, where image is king, there’s perhaps never been a more opportune time to consider pitching your content through pictures aka visual storytelling.

It’s a science

Images are a vital part of communication. The human brain is naturally wired to process images and it’s because of this that images tend to be easier to remember and recall. In fact, the human brain is capable of recognising a familiar object within 100 milliseconds and recognise familiar faces within 380 milliseconds!

Whilst you may spend hours agonising over the right words to describe a product or brand story, it’s undeniable that nothing will convey what’s needed in fewer words than  a few carefully selected images.

Consider, how many words it takes to describe an image.  Which is easier? Take this example:

Make no mistake, we’re not suggesting merely placing a wall of images on your owned media or sending journalists a bunch of images without context or meaning, but rather curate an impressive, themed Lookbook, with topical content that conveys its own story; much like a digital picture book.

The digital age

It’s not exactly a new concept by any stretch of the imagination, after all, the fashion industry has been utilising the classic Lookbook for decades, as a means of profiling upcoming collections.

Ace Media has however taken the Lookbook to an entirely new level, enabling the user to quickly curate a fully digital, visual pitch, simply by utilising visual content (image stills and video content) stored in Assets… the combined process from set-up to dissemination takes a few minutes.

Better still, this dynamic, interactive page of visual assets, is easily accessible to the end user for whom they’re intended  – enabling them to glean extra detail about the image, favourite it, or download the high-res file (complete with text) instantly, simply by hovering over it.

Theme it

Visual themes 

Document colours, patterns, styles

Locational themes

Document places

Recreational themes

Document events

Relational themes

Document people

Product themes

Document collections / new releases / gift guides

Cultural themes

Document customs and lifestyle 

Topical themes

Document current events

By utilising Ace Media’s Lookbooks visual storytelling feature, the possibilities are endless, experiment and see where it takes you!

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