Digitalising your PR pitch: The Benefits

Digitalising your PR pitch: The Benefits

Whether your media pitch includes a Press release, Lookbook, or a comprehensive media kit, digital-first storytelling presents a real opportunity to better communicate and reach your audience effectively. It presents many advantages including, greater accessibility, visibility, interactivity and engagement.

In this article, we’re going to explore five key advantages to digital-first PR assets and address why it’s worth optimising your next PR pitch.

Accessible anywhere

According to Cision’s 2021 Global State of Media Report, journalists want PR pros to help make their jobs easier.  

Digital-first enables journalists to access PR content wherever and whenever required; whether they’re burning the midnight oil to complete a feature, or working in a different time zone from you.

It removes the requirement for additional software (e.g. Acrobat Reader, Word, or equivalent), journalists can access what they need, when they need it, through any device; be it mobile or desktop, using a conventional browser.  

In turn, this helps eradicate the back-and-forth that comes from a conventional pitch, whilst eliminating wait time.

Visually impactful

Research shows that visuals are processed by the human brain 60,000 times faster than text. The human eye can grasp the sense of a visual scene in less than 1/10 of a second, registering 36,000 visual messages per hour*.

Digital-first storytelling tools, such as those provided by Ace Media, not only help you govern the brand identity, but also bring additional interactivity to your PR pitch, by enabling the addition of multimedia elements e.g. 

  • High definition photos
  • Playable videos
  • Audio files
  • Infographics
  • gifs


Thanks to search engine indexing and the shareable nature of the content, digitalised PR assets can deliver increased visibility.  Helping to ensure that the content is easy to find, whether it’s returned on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), or discovered through a post on a social media channel.  Presenting a real opportunity to capture the attention of:

  • Journalists outside your network
  • Stakeholders
  • Potential investors


As a real-time environment, digital-first lends itself to last-minute alterations.  Whether your client wishes to add another image, or a grammatical error needs amending, you can quickly change it and avoid recalls and potential embarrassment.

By ensuring your PR content is digital-first, you maintain full control over the story.  Journalists will be able to access the first-hand account, rather than rely on dubious second-hand sources; quelling the potential spread of disinformation.

Content optimisation

Digitalising your PR assets can represent an asset to your SEO effort.  You can optimise your content using keywords, an inbound marketing strategy aimed at improving SEO for your site on search engines, such as, Google.


Digital PR assets pose a real opportunity to be exploited.  Using them wisely can amplify the impact of your PR effort, enabling you to measure its effectiveness and garner many positive benefits.

To digitalise your next PR pitch, head over to Ace Media and learn more about the sophisticated suite of digital-first PR tools on offer

*Source: Thermopylae Sciences + Technology

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