How to put your PR assets to work

How to put your PR assets to work

Are you currently utilising any of the spaces highlighted below to store your PR assets?

  • Local disk drive
  • Company server
  • Cloud storage

If your answer is ‘yes’ then read on to find out how you can make your PR assets work harder…

Campaign assets – images and video in particular – can be put to work to help increase visibility and generate exposure for your client.

In order to do so, first and foremost, those assets must be accessible publicly.

Whilst the very notion of storing assets publicly may strike fear into the PR practitioner’s heart, let’s explore the unique advantages that public asset storage can bring about…

SEO collateral

Visual assets have the ability to provide SEO collateral… search-engines such as Google have long since favoured image and video in result pages, often profiling content on the first page.

Journalists and influencers frequently turn to search engines as a means of gaining access to information and content for their upcoming stories.  Ensuring your visual assets are amongst the first results will significantly increase your chances of being featured.

Search engine results page for ‘Cups’
Images and videos profiled first

Organic success

Once a story has taken flight, it can experience growth beyond the confines of your contact list… this is your organic success.

All too often organic success can falter at the first hurdle due to a lack of public visibility e.g.

– the PR contact cannot be identified publicly
– the campaign assets aren’t easily accessible

This is when you’re at risk of loosing control of organic success. Media may turn to unofficial sources which can lead to incorrect information being profiled and inferior imagery being used.

Image recognition

With evolving image recognition technology and applications such as Google Lens, it is now possible to search content based upon an image to help the end users identify / source content.

This means if a journalist were to snap a picture of a product, they could utilise the image recognition software to help them identify that product and source the information they need.

Putting your PR assets to work

Now we’ve covered the advantages, let’s deal with the fear-factor…

The truth is, PR practitioners are notoriously protective of campaign assets, for one fundamental reason: control.  The term ‘public’ infers a lack of control.  Here at Ace Media, we aim to dispel that myth.  We’ve created a solution that enables PRs to store assets publicly whilst maintaining complete control… introducing our Assets tool.

Assets: A brief introduction

Assets provides a cloud-like, proactive storage space for PR teams to access and share campaign content anytime, anywhere.  Intelligent storage partitioning enables users to manage campaign asset files privately; for team access only, OR publicly; for exposure to a wider audience.

Unlike other popular cloud storage solutions it’s also possible to label assets with information that’s expected by media outlets. For example, titles, credits, captions/descriptions, pricing details, etc.  

Increased exposure

When a visual asset is stored publicly on Ace Media it is automatically:

  • Search-engine indexed to improve appearance on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)
  • Applied to your client’s public Newsroom (an integrated tool on Ace Media)


With Ace Media’s Asset storage you’re always in full control:

  • Asset scheduling: embargo / archive
  • Continuous tracking of your uploads
  • Notifications of downloads 

Learn more about making your PR assets work smarter for your next campaign

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