How to work smarter in 2018

How to work smarter in 2018

From media asset creation, dissemination and storage, through to evaluation and measurement, here’s how you can utilise Ace Media to help you work smarter and achieve goals this year…

Increase visibility

Not only do the Gallery and Press Release features provide a means of storing your media assets digitally but they do so proactively to increase visibility:

  1. Search-engine indexing – Your content is indexed so that it can be discovered on the web
  2. Dissemination – You can utilise Ace Media to disseminate content to your media contacts and track activity. Quicker and simpler than emailing, Ace Media dissemination helps you manage and assess your coverage ‘pipeline’
  3. Continual access – Journalists and influencers can access your content with ease 24/7, year-round – whether you’re in the office or not!


Ace Media is one of the first dedicated online PR resources to enable agencies to work more efficiently as a team. Administrators can assign unlimited team members to one or more client accounts, and by doing so, create a more cohesive environment from which to create and disseminate content, view activity and measure results.

Improve PR measurement

Data collected in our Activity feature will enable you to monitor and report on campaign inputs accurately and quickly, whilst our Acebook feature helps you create data-rich reports for outputs with a selection of metrics to help you measure results against campaign objectives.

Work smarter

The beauty of Ace Media is the integration; the tools work together to make your job easier whilst improving efficiency!


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