Working with Influencers in 2017

Working with Influencers in 2017

There was a great deal of emphasis on influencers (bloggers, vloggers, et al) in 2016 and we don’t expect the interest will subside any time soon, after all influencer marketing has the power to convey brand messages far and wide. It’s also accessible to budget constrained brands.

The Challenge for 2017

The secret to a successful influencer campaign predominantly rests upon the initial outreach and selection. As demand for influencers has grown, so too has the influencer community. Where once you may have gauged influence according to followers, now the key lies with the engagement, and unfortunately both can be, and have been, subject to abuse.

Automating Influencer Outreach and Engagement


No matter how experienced you are, finding the ideal influencer can be a real challenge. There’s some good news though, Ace Media’s influencer outreach feature automates the outreach process. Simply send a request laying out the bones of your campaign – whether it’s a product review, an ambassador scheme, event, or something more complex – refine the target audience and you’ll be presented with appropriate influencers, cutting your search time drastically!



Next on the agenda is finding ‘right-fit’ candidates. Until recently assessing influencers has been a bit of a minefield;  a rising use of less orthodox methods to secure more social followers and the application of vanity metrics, has been a contributor to this. To date, emphasis has been placed on social reach and domain authority – not fail safe by any stretch of the imagination. Fortunately, Ace Media’s new Pitch Pack feature offers you much more to go on…


Verification of stats

For the first time ever, you can view a set of verified stats across all channels. Since they’re not input by the influencer, there’s no room for figure fudging or vanity stats. We’re talking bonafide analytics. If the influencer is adopting less orthodox methods, it becomes much easier to identify when all their stats are laid out before you. Through Pitch Pack you can quickly evaluate an influencer, comfortable in the knowledge that these figures provide a level of independent moderation.


A broader overview

In addition to stats, Pitch Pack provides you with an up-to-date overview of the influencer – from a backgrounder and awards, through to testimonials and costs. Everything you need to know in a single dynamic web page, accessible through a unique web-link.


Coming soon…

As part of Ace Media’s influencer outreach feature, you’ll soon be able to track and evaluate your campaigns from start to finish!

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