PRing Your Blog

PRing Your Blog

Being a successful influencer is akin to running a successful business. Rather than selling products/services, you’re selling a lifestyle – your lifestyle.

Your business = Your blog
Your customers = Your readers and the businesses you engage with
Your brand = Your style, imagery and content

There are quite literally thousands upon thousands of influencers in the blogosphere and it continues to grow daily, so how do you make yourself stand-out from the crowd?

Beyond the obvious, like committing to your niche, generating quality content that engages readers, and devoting your time and energy, there are other, more conventional approaches you can employ to help make a name for yourself and get your blog noticed.

Harness the power of traditional media outlets

How to write a press release

Become a contributor – If you’ve become a specialist in your niche, you may want to consider approaching applicable titles about becoming a contributor. Many titles carry columns and features contributed by freelancers; of these titles The Huffington Post was among the first to utilise consumer journalists to generate editorial content. Working with media titles within the context of your niche, but outside the realm of your blog, can help propel your influence and credibility, and in-turn gain you more readers.

Become a case study – Media titles are frequently on the look-out for case studies to support editorial features. Features can be about anything – from health, fashion and beauty, to parenting and DIY. The beauty of becoming a case study for a feature is that it doesn’t necessarily need to be connected to your niche (unlike becoming a contributor). Featuring as a case study, particularly where the media outlet is prepared to name drop your blog, can significantly aid reader engagement. On some occasions it can pay a fee too!

Provide comment – When composing more topical features, journalists will sometimes look for comment from an external source to back-up a stance/claim. Such requests pose a further opportunity to get your blog out into the wider community. By providing a comment and having your name attributed to that comment, you can not only increase readers but begin the journey to becoming an ‘expert’ in your field.

Links achieved from carry out the PR activities above will also help improve your Domain Authority (DA).

8 thoughts on “PRing Your Blog

  1. I’ve just started to answer Q&As and offer content for ‘tips to…’ type posts. It’s a great way to share knowledge and for others to learn more about you 🙂


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