Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect

It’s a great idea to pitch your blog direct to brands. For many, the stumbling block arises when considering what to say and how to say it. In this post we highlight some valuable tips and pointers to help you make your pitch perfect.

What PRs and brands are looking for…

Well, the one thing they’re most certainly not looking for is another begging letter or a ‘hey, I exist’!

PR and brands can receive hundreds of pitches from influencers every week. Most are generally very receptive to direct pitches, if only because it demonstrates initiative and enthusiasm on the blogger’s part, but sadly, this alone, isn’t going to be enough to win you a ‘yes’ vote, the key is in the sell-in.

Where to begin…

Think of it a little like a job proposition, you’ve got an awesome CV – Pitch Pack™ – now all you need is a strong opening letter that’s going to make you stand-out-from-the-crowd.

Your pitch is your sell-in, it needs to explain to the PR/brand WHY they should team with you and HOW, as succinctly as possible!

Timing is key…

The most important element of your pitch is the timing and topicality.

Using Ace Media you can keep informed of the latest news released by brands, enabling you to strike while the proverbial iron’s hot.

Content hinged around topical themes, such as current events, holidays and observance days, are always popular but be sure to provide plenty of warning, aim for between 4 – 8 weeks, where possible.

Who’s who…

Getting your pitch in front of the correct person will go a very long way towards achieving your goal. So, before you begin, make sure you’re targeting the correct organisation and individuals working there. Linkedin is a great place to start but there’s also no harm in asking a direct question – call by phone or use social media messaging.

Exhibitions and events can also be a great place to discover brands and meet the people behind them. Nothing beats face-to-face contact, but make sure you don’t leave empty handed, always ask for a business card!

Things to consider when drafting your pitch…

  • Why are you reaching out to the brand/PR – is it a product/service that’s gained your attention?
  • Do you share any common interests / values / beliefs / goals?
  • What benefits can you bring to the brand? How do you propose doing so?
  • Added sweeteners – Showing the brand some love prior to making your approach is always a sure-fire way of gaining positive attention.  Be sure to highlight any content by including links in your pitch
  • Don’t get hung-up on talking numbers – Whilst it’s fine to identify a couple of ‘stand out’ figures, let Pitch Pack™ do the rest by including the direct URL in your message.
  • Avoid attachments – these just serve as unnecessary baggage and potential SPAM fodder.
  • Highlight any relevant deadlines for the PR / brand to consider.
  • Short and sweet – two/three paragraphs should be sufficient.
  • Keep it simple – avoid being too creative, or too clever.


This is where things can become a little tricky but done correctly, there really is no harm in following-up.

Be patient – If you’ve allowed yourself a grace period, you can afford to wait a little before following-up.  A week to 10-days provides a fair level of time for the PR / brand to read and consider your pitch – don’t forget, they may need to discuss it with their client or other team members.

Don’t be pushy – Keep your follow-up short and to the point.  If there is an imminent deadline, be sure to make it clear in your opening statement.

Short and sweet – As with the pitch, it doesn’t need to be an essay, a quick one-liner should be ample.  Consider forwarding your original pitch in the body of your message – it’ll save them having to trawl through their ever-growing inbox to find it.

Dealing with rejection…

Rejection is inevitable, it’s part and parcel of pitching, even the biggest influencers receive their fair share of rejection.  Take it on the chin, move on and, if you can, learn from your experiences; they may help you make your pitch even stronger the next time!

We’ll leave you with this quote…

Life is like a camera.
Just focus on what’s important,
Capture the good times,
Develop from the negatives,
And if things don’t turn out,
Take another shot!

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