Tracking use of my press releases by the media

Tracking use of my press releases by the media

Journalists download a full press release ‘bundle‘. This .zip file contains ALL the high-res images contained in your press release and, helpfully, the release text in a separate text file.

Journalists must be registered on Ace Media to be able to download your image bundles.

Reporting on the downloads


Each time a journalist and blogger downloads the bundle we record it on your dashboard.

Each download indicates that your story is likely to be published in the media.

Return on investment

Bundle downloads are an invaluable metric when considering the value of Ace Media. It gives you instant reassurance that your stories and images are being utilised because the media has little requirement to download a bundle unless they intend to feature your products and services.


  • Your press releases are permanently stored in the Ace Media press release archive so they can be searched years after they are posted.
  • Your press releases are indexed on search engines at no extra cost. This gives them maximum exposure to journalists and bloggers.

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