Fairer Ranking for Influencers

Fairer Ranking for Influencers

We’ve carefully developed a new ranking system that’s fairer to bloggers and of greater value to PRs/brands.

Utilising the data we collect through our intuitive Pitch Pack™ feature, we’ve developed an algorithm that assesses your blog within a more pertinent set of parameters.

Here’s how…

NO SECOND-HAND DATA – Our system doesn’t rely on aggregates of data from other ranking platforms, instead it’s based upon verified data, direct from source

ENGAGEMENT IS KEY – Ace Media takes the engagement of your blog into account

A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD – Since every user must complete the full Pitch Pack™ criteria before ranking occurs, there’s absolutely no risk of misrepresentation.

NO MORE NUMBERS – Rather than rank numerically which, let’s face it, can prove a little demoralising when pitching against tens of thousands of other bloggers, we assign ranking bands: Approved, Power and Elite, that will NEVER reflect poorly on your blog, even if you have a quieter month!

QUALITY OVER SCALE – It won’t merely be the biggest blogs who’ll rank highest

NO PENALTIES – We ensure that only your strengths contribute to your rank, so you won’t be penalised for any natural weaknesses e.g. a poor performing social media channel

KEEPING YOU INFORMED – We’ll deliver reports on where improvements can be made to help you improve your ranking and win more business

TIMELY – The system automatically updates and adjusts your ranking week-by-week, according to the latest data streams

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