Combat the post-Christmas lull

Combat the post-Christmas lull

It’s nearly the end of the year. You’ve had a manic run of deadlines, events, and activity. It’s all a mad rush then, all of a sudden, the January lull kicks in; like a cold, wintery slap in the face!  Don’t be daunted by it, embrace it. Here’s how to take advantage of the lull:

Image gallery housekeeping:

  • Out with the old, in with the new! Delete old and out-of-date images from your gallery and begin adding in your new images.

TIP: If you’re not ready for the media to see them, deselect the ‘Show in our Image Gallery’ box, it’ll safely store them in a private section of your image gallery – ‘Your Other images’ – until you are ready.

  • Complete and update partial or incomplete image details i.e. titles, descriptions, prices, stockists, etc.

TIP: Use ‘Your Image Gallery Issues’ to source these images quickly

  • Update your settings to ensure your images feature on Ace Media’s Pinterest and Instagram accounts to help increase opportunities to be seen.


Look out for updates on forthcoming topical Lookbooks, these present a great way of increasing exposure for your images. Lookbooks appear on registered journalist and influencer dashboards and are mailed directly into their inbox to provide inspiration for their current and forthcoming features.

TIP:  Each Lookbook has a deadline date.  Upload relevant images by this deadline to ensure inclusion.


Link your media centre:

  • Copy your media centre URL and add it to your email signature
  • Forget Dropbox and WeTransfer, you don’t need these if you’ve got a media centre! Simply forward the link onto journalists and influencers when they request an image.
  • Grab the HTML code and add your media centre badge to the ‘contact’ or ‘press’ page (or both) of your company website


Update your coverage reports:

Ensure Acebook is updated with your latest online and offline coverage. The metrics are added automatically to save you time.  You can then quickly drill the data to see how last year’s coverage performed for your brand to help you formulate your plan for the year ahead.


Post a press release:

Don’t wait for the media to come to you, be proactive and get your news story out there! January is a notoriously quiet time for media. By taking advantage of this newsroom hiatus, you may secure additional coverage for your brand.

Read our blog post on How to write a successful Press Release

Tip: If you’ve got your own distribution list of journalists and influencers, simply grab the URL to your press release and send it direct

Work with influencers:

Teaming with influencers – bloggers / vloggers – can significantly increase brand exposure with consumers. Use Ace Media’s Influencer Outreach to help discover and select key influencers in the blogosphere.

Our latest feature ‘Pitch Pack’ will help you assess influencer suitability to your campaign by providing you access to verified stats and information.


Plan ahead:

Use this time to plan and calendar your press releases and influencer outreach campaigns. Consider product / collection launches, seasonal / annual events, and awareness days – all of which you can leverage to help talk-up your brand to increase exposure.

Whatever you do, set your business up for success in January. Start prepared, with a clean slate, an update, and a plan!

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