Your dedicated ‘Media Centre’

Your dedicated ‘Media Centre’

Ace Media provides every user with a dedicated ‘Media Centre’. This feature enables media to view your profile, images and press releases whether they’re registered with Ace Media or not.

Your media centre automatically updates as you work in your dashboard. It’s an efficient way for journalists and influencers to keep up-to-date with your news, and streamlines the process of obtaining high-res images.

How to find it – Through the icon on your feature bar, head to ‘Your Account’, you’ll see further menu options for ‘Your Media Centre’ listed down the left side.

Dedicated URL
Set a unique URL specific to your business / brand.  This link will automatically be pulled into your request responses, making your brand more visible to journalists – so if they like what they see, they can easily access more.

Add a summary paragraph describing your business/brand.

Contact details
Your profile contact details will automatically display on your Media Centre page, so make sure you’ve updated your telephone / mobile number / web address under the ‘Your profile’ menu.

Image Gallery uploads
By default, the latest 12 images you upload to your image gallery from your dashboard will automatically display on your media centre. There’s also a link to view your full image portfolio.  To manipulate the 12 images displayed, head to your image gallery, select the relevant image and then select the ‘Prioritise on your media centre’ tab and assign the appropriate numerical value i.e. 1 – first position, 12 – last position.


Media personnel must register on Ace Media to access and download, enabling simplified tracking of your download stats. Only the media can download images. Your competitors can’t view your full library and nor can they download content.

Latest Press Releases
Your latest press releases will automatically list within your Media Centre.


The Ace Media badge
We have supplied HTML code for a special ‘badge’ that you can include on your website ‘contact’ or ‘press’ page.  When clicked, the badge automatically links to your dedicated Media Centre. We have supplied the badge web page code in the ‘Your Media Centre’ menu of ‘Your Account’. Copy this code into your website.

Grab the link
Every Media Centre has a dedicated web-link which you can use on PR activity external to the site. For example, include it within your email signature, use it on your correspondence with the media, provide it to journalists inquiring after high-res images, and so on.

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