Getting your Request Responses Noticed

Getting your Request Responses Noticed

We’ve compiled some useful tips on how to get the most out of Ace Media’s ‘Media Requests’ feature.

Sticking to these basic guidelines will help you to improve your visibility with media professionals.


Include an image:  No matter how good your product or service, if the journalists don’t have some visual prompt, your request is likely to be passed by.

Define what makes you different:  Journalists want to know about products and services that have an ‘angle’. Is it new? Is it unique? What benefit does it bring to their readers?

Be patient: Don’t expect immediate success. Neither should you expect replies from journalists even if your products are chosen! There are many factors that determine what is chosen editorially.

Be consistent: If you continually offer up relevant and credible responses you WILL get noticed as a reliable source. Journalists will start to single out your responses with trust and interest.

Persevere: Some you win, some you’ll loose but never give-up!


Overload: Don’t just copy and paste your press release. Large volumes of text are a big turn off!

Create unnecessary admin: Journalists use Ace Media because of its simplicity to ‘grab’ your pitch quickly and easily without having to ask. By requesting that they contact you for more info or images can put off and slow down many journalists, and may make the difference between gaining and loosing coverage to a competitor.

Reply just because you can: Don’t rush into posting responses with tenuous links or of no relevance to the request. Wait for the right request.

Exaggerate: Avoid the temptation to ‘over sell’ your response to gain attention. Editorial credibility is paramount when a journalist is looking for new content providers.

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