Getting the most out of the Ace Product Gallery

Getting the most out of the Ace Product Gallery

Not only does the Ace Product Gallery offer a convenient storage solution for your images, but it actively helps get your products in front of key journalists, picture editors and influencers.

Ensure your images work harder for you by following these basic guidelines:


Complete ALL the description fields:  A product image without a title, description and price won’t be selected for any shopping pages!

Think laterally: Your product may not be a chocolate egg but it may still be considered a perfect ‘Easter’ gift, so choose descriptions wisely to get ahead – include key unique selling points, the material, colour, pattern, age suitability (if applicable), any  seasonal connections, etc

Invest: Moving all your high-res images to our gallery means you have an ‘image storage and PR solution’ in one. Working to find you coverage 365/24/7.


Forget: Images uploaded without descriptions will NEVER be found by journalists searching by keyword.

Grab from your website: The image will be too low a resolution and unusable for any print media.

Upload without consent: When you upload, you do so with the hope that the images are used, and associated to your business. So make sure you have the rights to publish the images as your own.

The clever stuff…

High-Res/Low-Res: Ace’s intuitive software displays the maximum print dimensions of your image uploads and warns you if they’re considered too low.

Cut-out/Lifestyle: We keep you updated by displaying the percentage of cut-out Vs lifestyle images you have in your gallery.  Ideally you should be aiming for a 1:1 mix.

Views: You can see how many times your image has been seen.

Downloads: Ace records every image download, enabling you to see, at a glance, the number of times an image has been downloaded.

Forgotten to add crucial information: Any image lacking the all important information to make it visible to journalists is easily identifiable. Check ‘Product Gallery Task’

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